Morsky Roselea Belgians

Belgians at show Belgian- Rachel Belgian Mare and Colt

Morsky Roselea is a Belgian Draft horse operation located in Wayne Morsky’s home town of Virden, Manitoba. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, thousands of draft horses were imported from western Europe to North America to help build this country. They truly represent the roots and foundation of the construction industry in Canada, and similarly support the core values of the Morsky Group.

These ‘Gentle Giants’ bring smiles to many at numerous agricultural shows, parades and special events. They are also available for private functions of select clients of The Morsky Group.


NABC_2012 2012 QCX On Route

North American Belgian Championship

Regina Queen City Ex Parade

IMG_1435 CS Parade Route

 Moose Jaw Parade

Calgary Stampede Parade