Morsky Earthworx Solutions

Laying Geocloth Drilling GRS-IBS

Morsky Earthworx works nation-wide to bring a design/build/warranty solution to landslide problems and the replacement of failing short-span bridges. The company specializes in Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System Construction (GRS-IBS) and provides owners with a complete design/build/warranty package to address the infrastructure deficit.

With years of soil nailing experience, Morsky  offers quick, cost effective solutions for a multitude of different slope stabilization problems. The company provides clients with a complete landslide/slope stabilization repair which incorporates a design/build/warranty component.

Morsky Earthworx Solutions partners with DeWind One Pass Trenching to install systems for groundwater extraction, collection or containment.  

Morsky Earthworx Solutions Ltd. possesses the Certificate of Recognition for Safety from the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan.