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About Us

Our Story

Paul and Gloria Morsky began working in construction in Manitoba in the early 1950’s. The company incorporated in 1959 as Paul Morsky Ltd. and over the following years gained experience in dam construction, mine relocation and road building. A true family business, the entire family of 5 worked to grow the business throughout Saskatchewan, adding rail and mine maintenance in the early 2000’s. Paul and Gloria’s son Wayne Morsky assumed the role of President and CEO in 2004, and expansion into new markets and new products and services followed. The company name was changed to Morsky Industrial Services Ltd. to better reflect the growing penetration into the industrial sector, particular potash mining.


In 2017, Wayne Morsky transitioned out of the business, and the shares were sold to two of the company’s key employees, Lorne Schnell and Marty Willfong. Wayne continues to provide guidance and consulting services, while Lorne and Marty set strategic direction and oversee the day to day operations. Morsky Industrial Services Ltd. is wholly owned by Magnorum Management Group Ltd., a head office company based in Regina that provides all administrative support to Morsky Industrial and the other companies of the group.


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